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Our simple link or form integration will: Validate vector logos Prevent embedded raster images Check for unlinked fonts Convert & resize logos on demand
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All logos collected in one location

Combined with powerful tools for: Simple batch processing Outputting to PNG, JPG, EPS & PDF Grouping - i.e. sponsors, exhibitors Quick download of all vector source files

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Working with lots of logos is a pain

Need every logo to be a transparent PNG and fit within a 400 x 400 area? Brandisty makes this easy! Output to any file size and format. One at a time or in bulk.
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Why should I use Brandisty?

When hosting events collecting logos is a requirement. Usually this back and forth process requires numerous emails with low quality logos and incorrect file types. Brandisty makes sure the correct file types are collected and used so no brand is misrepresented.

How difficult is this to setup?

Brandisty can be either integrated into one of your current web forms, or you can use one of our simple collection links. We love simplicity and this is no exception.

How much does Brandisty cost?

We work with each event and figure out pricing. This allows us to cater pricing for both large and small events. Want to talk details? Email us at or give us a call 619-866-4543.