Collect logos

Brandisty makes collecting vector logos easy! Our host page gets you started collecting with a simple link or integrates seamlessly with your existing registration form. We ensure that each submitted logo meets the following criteria:

  • Confirm the logo is a vector EPS file and can be resized with no loss of quality
  • Check for embedded rasterized images
  • Check for missing fonts
  • Check that colorspaces are valid and recognized

Each logo collected will be searchable and exportable from our user-friendly host page interface. Use the batch download tool to download every logo collected or search and select a small subset - either way our tools are here to work for you!

Steps to use

  • Sign up for Brandisty
  • Create a host page
  • Start collecting logos

A host page can be created by entering your account and clicking on the "Browse pages" button in the top right of the screen. Once in the pages navigation click on the (+) add page icon. Be sure to select the type to be a host page.

Click to enter the newly created host page. You should see two integration options at the top of the page. There are two main ways to start collecting logos:

Option 1: use link

Simply send the link to a party you wish to collect a logo from. They will be shown a form which will allow them to submit their logo to your host page. Once collected, that logo will appear in your host page. If you collect with this method, you can skip the rest of the documentation below.

Option 2: embed button

The host page embed button allows developers a way to integrate directly with the Brandisty host page. To start, click on the "Embed Code" button in your host page. Fill in the fields you would like to use, then copy and paste the generated snippet into your page.

Basic Snippet

									<div id="brandisty" pageId="536c05ab34a8f30c3d00004e"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Button Properties

pageId &pageId=[page id]
[Required] The id of the host page to upload assets to. This can be found on any host page under the embed options.
emailField emailField=[email field]
[Optional] The name of the email input field. To help simplify the signup process, you can pass the user's email to Brandisy's upload form. Use this property so Brandisty konws what field in your form to read from for the email.
companyField companyField=[company field]
[Optional] The name of the company input field. To help simplify the signup process, you can pass the user's comapny to Brandisy's upload form. Use this property so Brandisty konws what field in your form to read from for the company name.
logoField logoField=[logo field]
[Optional] Once a logo has been successfully uploaded to Brandisty, we will inject a hidden input into the form where the Brandisty button was embedded. By default the input will be named logoId. You can change the fieldName by setting this value on the embedded div.

Example input field added your form on success: <input type="hidden" name="logoId" value="53bd79363926f23761000076"/>
logoId logoId=[Brandisty logoId]
[Optional] If an user has already uploaded a logo, and they might return to the form in the future, populate the logoId field when the page loads to change the button style from "upload logo" to "replace logo"

Example code for embed

									<form method="POST"> 
  <label>Email</label><input type="text" name="email" placeholder="email"/>
  <label>Company</label><input type="text" name="company" placeholder="company"/>
  <div id="brandisty" pageId="536c05ab34a8f30c3d00004e" emailField="email"
 companyField="company" logoField="logo"></div>
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Retrieving the logo collected

There are two ways to retrieve the logo that was collected with Brandisty. The first is using standard HTML form practices and requires no scripting knowledge. The second utilizes an event callback and requires some Javascript knowledge.

Hidden Input method

Once Brandisty collects a logo, a hidden input field with the logo id will be injected into your form. To make this work, the host page snippet must be placed inside the form you are using. When the submit button is pressed on the form there should now be an extra post parameter called "logoId" that will be submitted as well.

Callback method

Use the following callback to trigger something to happen right when the logo is collected. This allows for a more advanced interaction with the logo collection snippet and is recommended for developers with Javascript knowledge. The following snippet describes how to use the callback.

  // res contains the logoId for the collected logo
  // example: {logoId:'12345'}
  // put your Javascript code here
  console.log('collected logo:',res.logoId);

Use the Logo Id

Once you have collected the logoId, you may retrieve the logo with our download API or embed it into HTML using our image API.